Talking about personal issues isn’t a comfortable experience for everyone and whilst it may become easier with time, the first step can be very difficult, especially when you are already feeling low.

Mental anxiety is often accompanied by a lack of self-esteem and a sense that others view us negatively, however foolish that might actually be. Instead of opening up about our inner most thoughts we might be more inclined to instead become more isolated from those around us, including our closest family and friends.

Talking in confidence with a stranger can therefore be strangely reassuring for some because they have no preconceptions about us. But for this to be truly beneficial seek the assistance of a recognised support group such as a seafarer charity ashore, or Mind Call, the 24-7 telephone helpline.

Nonetheless, this still means positively engaging with, and perhaps opening up to, real people, and this can still be especially difficult for many of us.

An alternative is to look for help online and research what advice might be available on the internet for those first steps in improving our mental wellbeing. It is important however that we don’t get drawn into any dubious websites that might instead have a detrimental effect on our emotions but instead look for websites accepted as expert in this field.

Options available include;

World Health Organisation (WHO)


The National Health Service (NHS) – Moodzone

World Federation for Mental Health